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This sign is afraid of feeling out of control

2022-09-23 06:18:40


This sign is afraid of feeling out of control


I think most of the Virgo friends who will complain about Virgo should be after the breakup, because in the period of time of the breakup, they will feel that they have seen through him and mistakenly think that his previous good is all pretended.



I said it a lot of times, which means I don't listen to how to say it.Usually, even if it is okay, the formal occasion is still going its own way, which means that there is no measure.After agreeing, don't snort, or do not pay attention to it, this is said to be unable to do.

Some friends may say that this Virgo is also too strict, this must be to break up will deliberately find a fault.

Just like repeated teachings, no measure, and no commitment are not caused by bar sniffles.

So Virgo explained this to you, hoping that you will slowly change it and get better and better together.

Virgos look in their eyes and remember in their hearts, and they will definitely not bother about it anymore.Instead, you will feel that you are very logical, very attractive, and very good at dealing with problems.

This is the root cause of the outbreak of contradictions.

This sign is afraid of feeling out of control


Virgo's expression, attitude, and way of speaking have all changed, making people feel very cold and strange.




In my opinion, there is no need to deliberately maintain Virgo's feelings, for fear of stepping on his minefield.Because he will tell you that he will be happy about what you say and do, and what he will worry about because of it.



In fact, Virgo is a person who is easily anxious.


This torment will continue to consume Virgo's vision of the future. So much so that he would start thinking about why he could not change his future, why he had to tie himself to this person's future, why he had to make himself so tired.



If you just think two people are happy together, you will be reluctant to break up.Virgos will surely leave without mercy.