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Book series: meaning

2022-09-23 01:36:04

I have this kind of writing in the travel notes and Shangyu notes.

Sun Guoting: Dotted horizontal head line writing.Write a 3 in the middle. The last horizontal.

Book Series: Meaning

Wang Xizhi: you've been doing this for a long time. I have this kind of writing in the travel notes and Shangyu notes.

Book series: meaning

Huai Su: I wrote it in a thond words. Small grass thonds of words written in the honest, it seems very simple. Either crazy or stupid, I go to two extremes.

Book series: meaning

Dong Qichang: I have a similar writing. Look at the one with the red circle.

Book series: meaning

Now start practicing the idiom:

Book series: meaning

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Positioning: practical hard-pen calligraphy. Fast, beautiful, Antique.

Principle: Based on the ancient post, learn the ancient thesis in a down-to-earth manner.There are trade-offs for ancient texts, focusing on writing good simplified words.

Objection: portrayal of impractical calligraphy, no basis for the martial arts




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